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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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open an exit door on the boeing 737 and jumped off the jet. a spokesperson says construction workers tackled the teamer and police officers arrested him. passengers say there was a big commotion when they noticed one of the exit doors was wide open. >> standard landing and started noticing that i was sitting behind the emergency exit door and everyone noticed the door had come off. >> sfo officials say the teenager is an american citizen. it's unclear what criminal charges, if any, he might face. dozens in san jose are being slapped with citations for setting off illegal fire work. but some say they're innocent and say the city is fining them without proof. >> reporter: dan, last year the city just issued warnings, but this year was the first time they sent out citations to
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people, and some say that the city is just relying on neighbor's reports and they're not accurate. illegal fireworks it will up the sky in san jose the night the warriors won the nba finals. amy heard them and posted on the website. >> i said, warriors just won the nba championship. we're just going to have to ride this one out. and a month later i get a citation saying i set off fireworks on that night. it's crazy. >> reporter: she immediately called and spoke to the fire marshal to tell him they had the wrong house. >> he said if two people report you, they don't need photo or video. that's enough for us to consider you guilty. i almost couldn't speak. >> reporter: out of the nearly 1100 complaints made, she was one of 45 people who were issued citations during the enforcement period this summer. >> we really can't have illegal
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fireworks in the city because of the safety and fire hazards that they present. >> reporter: the city says citations were issued based on if neighbors sent in a photo or video or two people reported it at a certain address or a reporting party was willing to testify. she wants the city to review the process. she must now pay $500 to appeal. >> i would say pay your fine, go to the hearing officer, and contest it. and if there isn't enough evidence and the hearing officer agrees with her, that fine will be refunded. >> reporter: she's meeting with her city councilman this weekend. he said he's open into looking into whether changes may be needed. a woman from san pablo faces charges tonight after police say she was found asleep in a hot car with her 2-month-old daughter. the chp says she was spotted inside the car yesterday afternoon on the shoulder of highway 17 in san jose.
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a tow truck driver first saw the woman and called chp. she faces charges of suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment. the baby was asleep but panting in 90 plus degree heat. she's now doing well. let's talk about this heat. a live look outside from our emeryville camera. it's warm, even hot out there. san jose today took action to keep people safe in this heat. david louie is live with the story. david? >> reporter: we are inside camden community center, one of five that have been opened in san jose today as a cooling center. it's a very comfortable 72 degrees. the lobby area is open until 9:00 tonight, one hour longer than usual. as you'll see, the staff has set out ice water for everyone to stay hi demonstrated. -- hydrated.
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with the temperature approaching 100 degrees, this is welcome relief. so where are people hanging out? well, at camden swimming pool. the kids are taking advantage o. and the public can take a dip if that helps to cool them down. and there's seating under an awning. it's interesting to see and hear how many people are having problems with their air conditioning. >> the last few days i've had to have a portable air conditioner and it's been a little uncomfortab uncomfortable. >> our air conditioning is not working in our house, so it's better to be out here than in the house, just trying to cool off. >> reporter: how hot is it at home if >> not too much cooler inside than outside. so just keep the blinds down and hope for the best. >> reporter: of course, there are other places to beat the heat, including the fountain downtown. as for kids and adults, they can
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jump through the waterspouts. some people head to the mall or other facilities to enjoy air conditioning. now, with the heat expected to be about the same, if not more so tomorrow, the city is anticipating it will be reopening these cooling centers again tomorrow. we are live in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." >> okay, david, thanks so much. let's take a look at today's hot spots. spencer christian joins us. >> it's hard to know where to start. we'll start with the highest of the highs. 110 degrees today at ukiah, 105 at choloverdale. 103 in about i don't think. a -- 103 in antioch. and as we look at the overnight hours, temperatures at 1:00 a.m. will be in the se70s to almost .
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heated ed advisory remains in e. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. from hot weather to hot chase. a police pursuit came to a crashing nd today in fremont. you can see the car that slammed right into a house there. police say the chase may be connected to a string of burglaries, all in fremont. three yesterday and one attempted today. alyssa harrington is live with an update on the investigation. >> reporter: i want to show you these dramatic skid marks that tart about halfway up the street and you can follow them all the way on to the front lawn. you can see the family that lives at this house, they are hanging out front. they were able to pull some turn your out. you can see the front window is now boarded up. place say that the suspect vehicle was traveling 70 to 80 miles per hour through this quiet residential street when it slammed through the front of the home. nobody was home when this car slammed through the front of the
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house on this quiet cul-de-sac in fremont. these two live here with their children. the parents were at work, the kids at summer school, when a neighbor called them with the shocking news. >> i thought it was just my rose plant and the wall. and then it's the window. and then it's the furniture. >> reporter: the three men inside the car, burglary suspects trying to lose police, when they lost control of the vehicle. >> the driver probably not really familiar with the area, likely got confused at the end of the court, lost control of the vehicle, and went into this house. >> reporter: police say this all started after 10:00 a.m. when officers were called to an attempt attempted burglary on marleau street. the car went flying into the living room. sky 7 video shows one of the suspect's in handcuffs.
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>> this could have, you know, ended tragically. we're lucky nobody was in the house. >> we are home regularly. today wasn't one of those days. and when our parents visit us in the summer, that's the room they stay with. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." new at 6:00, cal osha just gave the green light for a south bay amusement ride to reopen. the ride was voluntarily shut down last week after a deadly accident involving a similar ride at the ohio state fair. officials say delirium passed all the required tests. the ohio ride was made by a different manufacturer. cal osha says the santa cruz
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ride will remain closed until further testing. fans are gathering ath t ii oakland coliseum for game two of the bay bridge series. security at the game is under new scrutiny following this incident you're seeing. we're told the security guard who fought with fans has been fired. laura anthony is at the coliseum with what the a's are saying about the scuffle. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. that company that provides security for the a's has been doing it ow for a decade, more than 800 games. there has never been anything like this in that time period. the guard involved in the fight we're told, the fight may have been sparked by what opd says was an incident that started before the cameras were rolling. it can happen, especially in a game between two long-time rivals. a fight in the fans. but this time it was a battle
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between a security guard and a fan. >> they were looking for someone or something. >> reporter: we talked by phone with one fan who watched it unfold below him. >> the other secure guards weren't trying to stop the fight. at one point, one or two of the security guards were cheering them on and whooping along. >> reporter: the security guard was an employee of u.s. security associates, which contacts with the major supplier of private security for the oakland a's for the past decade. a company spokesperson said -- >> reporter: oakland police say their investigation shows the fight may have started over the guard's stolen backpack, won she
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believes was in the possession of a fan she confronted. >> if a security guard has to be physical to maintain order, that's one thing. if the security guard is becoming the issue, that's a problem. >> reporter: so far no word from police whether the guard or any of the fans could face charges. laura anthony, "abc7 news." concerned and frustrated neighbors gathered at city hall today over a downtown san francisco's millennium tower, the one that's leaning. kate larson spent the afternoon at an emergency meeting, following a report the building could withstand a major earthquake. >> reporter: one of the big questions is what does "withstand" mean? if there's a huge earthquake and it hits the tower, will the building be liveable? i spoke to the city administrator who said while he doesn't have a crystal ball, it should mean the residents should
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be able to get out alive. after that, it's still a lingering concern. an emergency meeting at city hall about the safety of the sinking millennium tower. >> the building has now sunk 17 inches and it willing 14 inches. >> reporter: the city admin stray or's office put out a report that the building could withstand a 8.8 earthquake. but the engineering analysis was based on data and information commissioned by the building's developer, not an independent study. >> we didn't verify any of that. we did do some back of the envelope calculations. >> there is a systemic institutional unwillingness to take this issue seriously. >> reporter: today's meeting was ordered by the superprivisor wh was frustrated. >> i think what is going on here is that the powers that be apparently i'm not one of them,
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are so scared of slowing down the spate of high rise construction that they want to see no evil, hear no evil, and do nothing about it, because they don't want to slow down the development of san francisco's downtown. >> we will meet as a group and we will continue regular monitoring to make sure that building is safe. >> reporter: the city administrator says they don't know what the next step also be. kate larson, "abc7 news." tonight, people are meeting their neighbors in an effort to make their communities safer. >> the history behind the effort to tackle crime. that's next. >> it means a whole lot to the jerry garcia family. >> the daughter of jerry garcia honors her father's legacy with a special dedication today in san francisco. a new way to reserve your
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happening now, neighbors are coming together for the annual national night out. a police sponsored event to improve safety in communities. leeann melendez is live for us with more. >> reporter: you have to agree, dan, the weather here is perfect for this kind of event. it's basically a big block party with lots of games for kitds. there's music, food, with the idea that police and residents work together to make their streets safer. smash and grab burglaries have been a common occurrence in san
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francisco. >> i moved here 11 years ago, and i feel like it's a little less safe in certain parts. >> reporter: the district attorn attorney's office says car break-ins have gone up. neighbors have responded by going on networks or forming their own groups to keep their streets safer. >> we let each other know if there's any weird happenings around the neighborhood. >> reporter: police want to promote and strengthen that relationship and share ideas to improve each community. that's why national night out started in 1984. today, 38 million people across the country participate each other. >> come out, let's talk. let's get to know each other. let's talk about what we can do to work together, because we can't do it all by ourself. we need everybody working as one. >> seems to be great for the kids, a lot of community, family. you get to meet the neighborhood
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cops. >> reporter: breanna says she supports the concept of working with her neighbors while reminding her son damion to do the same. >> they see something, immediately call or try to help, even if they're scared. it does not hurt to try. >> reporter: if anything, tonight's event will send a message that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. that smells so good. the hamburgers and the hot dogs. check out the website to find out where your events are going to be held. some of them end at 7:30, 8:00. in the meantime, we're going the hang out for a little longer. we're going oh go on facebook live. so if you go to my facebook page, leeann melendez, we'll see you live, because you know i hike to socialize. >> good food. great cause. thank you very much.
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if you're a fan of camping in california state parks, good news. the department of parks and recreation today launched a new website promising a more user friendly reservation process. kristen sze is here to explain. >> reporter: this is something else that went live today. this is a reserve california website and it offers a new way to reserve camp sites at state parks. 110 parks are currently open right now for bookings, including bay area favorites like angel island and fulsome lake. before today, camp sites opened up in blocks, forcing you to jump online to grab what was available in that block. starting today, it's a rolling window system. reserve a site any time up to six months before the date you want. >> so we heard from a lot of our public that it was sometimes very difficult to be able to secure a site.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: say you want angel island for this weekend. you click on reserve. and then pick the date you want and then done. between now and next march, they'll add 41 more parks to this reservation system, with interactive maps. for a link go to our website, >> great stuff. kristen, thanks. we want to get back to the heat that's going on in our area. >> triple digits coming again. spencer christian has the forecast. >> even overnight tonight, quite warm. here's a look from mt. tam looking down to the bay. warm inlooand overnight, summer sizzle continues tomorrow. here's live doppler 7 hd. we've got fog near the coast and
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touching parts of the coastline, but lots of sunshine. current temperatures range from 57 degrees at half moon bay to 65 here in san francisco. 69 across the bay and oakland. and still mid to upper 90's in many inland locations, so still hot going into the evening hours. overnight, a few high clouds with just a little bit of fog. the low temperature, antioch 75. lows also 70 in fairfield. morgan hill 70. upper 60s will be the lows in many inland locations. so not much of a cooldown overnight at all. then heating up again tomorrow. in the south bay, 95 in san jose. 101 in morgan hill. 88 at redwood city. on the coast, mid to upper 60s. downtown san francisco, 75 tomorrow. 76 in south san francisco. up in the north bay, 97 in santa
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rosa. 92 at sonoma. and further north, triple digits at cloverdale, lake port and ukiah. east bay, 80 at berkeley. 86 in union city. the inland east bay, triple digits from 101 to 104. over we go to the beaches where we'll see some morning clouds but afternoon sun. mild to warm condition there is with highs in the upper 60s. 80 will be the high in santa cruz. looking ahead to thursday. a lhot day inland. upper 90s to around 100 in most locations. further moderation of temperatures friday, highs in the low to mid 90s and further cooling going into the weekend. highs on saturday. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. one more day of hot weather --
6:23 pm
really two more days. upper 90s on thursday. i think that qualifies as hot. we'll see a slight cooldown with a slight chance of some showers in the hills. and next week, some locations might see temperatures drop below average. >> that's cooler. >> thanks, spencer. apple's stack of cash hits a new high.
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apple beat analyst expectations when reporting its third quarter earnings today. the company says it sold 41 million iphones and apple sold 14% more ipads than a year ago. breaking a 13 quarter streak of year over year declines and revenue up to $52 billion for the current quarter. apple shares were up 6% in extended trading. and those apple shares and other tech stocks have put the dow on track to hit 22,000 for the first time ever. the dow racked up a fifth straight record high today, closing just 36 points shy of 22,000. the dow has risen 11% in 2017. a neighborhood in san
6:27 pm
francisco honored a native son today. jerry garcia. garcia's daughter, trixie, watched the unveiling of a sidewalk plaque located at the corner of mission street. about two blocks from the small home that he lived in as a child. his daughter hopes his legacy will be an inspiration. >> it's a special part of town and we're happy to have kids know that someone came from this area and ended up changed the world. >> garcia would have been 75 years old today. it's inscribed with a quote, he said, what we're trying to do is expand, rather than narrow. car burglars in the east bay deal a major blow to a young woman. >> six suitcases and gone immediately. >> thieves got away with a prized possession that will be useless to them but its disappearance has put the victim's dental career on hold.
6:28 pm
the events that led up to the shootings of two deputies near the county. and the shooting death of another man. and the group that says it plans to sue over whales getting you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." back now to developing news we first told you about at the top of the hour. a teenager detained at sfo after opening the emergency exit of a night that had just landed. >> we just received new audio of the pilots report thing incident a few hours ago. >> the 17-year-old man was detained by a nearby construction crew shortly after he exited the plane. officials haven't determined why he jumped out of the plane, but passengers told the "abc7 news" that he did appear agitated during the flight.
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a young dentist's dream of practicing in the bay area has been delayed after her dental instruments were stolen as she arrived to oakland. vic lee has her story. >> reporter: dr. leslie is showing her colleague's dental loops. >> we can see inside the oral cavitity. >> reporter: binocular glasses custom made to her eyes. >> these are specialized glasses that have magnifiers adjusted to my pupil distance. so no one else can use them. >> reporter: these dental loops can cost upwards of $4,000. hers was stolen in a car break-in. she desperately needs them back for her residency here. on june 30th, she and her mother drove from ohio to the marriott hotel in oakland. she parked her car in a metered zone next to the hotel and checked in. someone broke into her car and stole her luggage, a tv set, work records and dental loops.
6:33 pm
she spoke to the hotel valets who told her -- >> this is something that happens in oakland unfortunately. everyone is used to it. >> reporter: she filed a report with oakland police burglary. she was told that they were severely understaffed and had a heavy caseload of car break-ins. police also told her security video may have captured the break-in. however -- >> if i wanted camera footage, i should ask the businesses myself and try to retrieve footage. >> reporter: the robbery unit told us today that an officer on the scene did visually check to see if there were cameras but didn't see any. for her, it was a rude welcome that turned her california dream into a nightmare. >> everything is perfect in california. i'm really surprised. i'm shocked. >> reporter: vic lee, "abc7 news." san jose police have released a photo showing the woman who is accused of stabbing
6:34 pm
an employee last month. this is the suspect. police say she tried to rob and stab the victim at a home on redbird drive in the early morning hours of july 251. she's described as 18 to maybe 26 years of age, standing 5'10", weighs about 200 pounds. the like she was seen holding was recovered by police. the victim did survive the attack. the man suspected of shooting two yuma county sheriff's deputies was found dead this afternoon. it started today with a call of an armed man pulling marijuana plants out. deputies went to a home, and the owner didn't think the suspect was there, but gave them permission to check inside. that's whe the suspect opened fire from somewhere in the home. the deputies were hit but returned fire. a third deputy, who was at the back of the house radioed there were officers down. >> the 22-year veteran entered
6:35 pm
the residence, not once but twice, to extract the two injured deputies from the residence and move them to a safe zone. the deputies were airlifted to a hospital. one is recovering, the other is still in surgery. the chsheriff says the suspect s killed when the deputies returned fire. 50-year-old christopher wray is a lawyer who served as a top justice department official in the george w. bush administration. he replaces james comey as the fbi director. wray represented new jersey governor chris christie in the so-called bridge gate scandal. the senate vote was 92-5. a coon average, insurance premiums are expected to rise more than 12.5% for people in the program.
6:36 pm
some can limit that rate increase by as low as 3% bishoping aroubishoy shopping around. >> president trump's actions are having an effect here. we see that in the rate filings and in the coverage offerings. >> the state insurance commissioner has said he will sue the trump administration if they stop paying the cost sharing subsidies. an environmental nonprofit group plans to file a lawsuit against the department of california fish and wildlife claiming it's not doing enough to protect sea life from getting entangled in fish lines. they argue crab traps are
6:37 pm
killing whales and sea turtles. the center will likely file suit by the end of this month we're told. fishing season opens in mid november. "game of thrones" fans, get ready to be thrilled. >> reporter: i think this is really exciting. >> check this out. "a game of thrones" world right here in the bay area. ahead, where you can sit on the iron throne. >> and would you pay to take a good nap? we'll tell you about a new you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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bill gates is investing in a vegan burger made right here in the bay area. we told you about this burger the other way. he's taking part in a $75 million fund-raising impossible foods. it's a flagship product that may call the impossible burger. with a key component that mimics glad. the company's goal is to make plant based versions of every meat that are just as good as
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their animal counterparts. >> if you're a fan of "game of thrones," you might want to check this out. "abc7 news" was at the at&t flagship store in san francisco. it's been transformed into a "game of thrones" world, complete with the iron throne. it showcases computer vision technology, motion sensor technology and virtual reality. and there's more to come. >> you're going to see different costumes and different aspects of the show to get our customers more engaged. >> you can also walk through a mp and have your location sent to a virtual forest, where white walker also come out of the woods and follow you. a cheaper, faster, and easier way to have surgery. >> now it's possible by
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if you need a medical procedure done, are outpatient centers the right snopgs >> michael finney consume reporter has more. >> something as come m come my s
6:45 pm
joint replacement, instead of a hospital, you might end up in a center designed to get you in and out the same day for a lot less money. consumer advice has some important things who should or shouldn't go under the knife there. tom bligh says his teenage daughter had surgery here a year ago and he was impressed. >> we were able to come in an hour before the surgery and leave that afternoon. >> we really pride ourselves on trying to run our schedule in a very efficient way, and try to avoid delays as much as possible. >> reporter: an ambulatory surgery center often provides faster registration and discharge procedures, and can cost less out of pocket than in patient surgery than a hospital. >> they're not for everyone. elderly people and those with serious medical conditions may
6:46 pm
be safer in a hospital. >> reporter: for those with serious conditions like obesity, lung or heart problems, even the simplest surgery can trigger complications that may need hospital facilities. >> before you opt for surgery, check the center's certification. some may not be held to the same standards as hospitals. >> reporter: the center should be certified, meaning it add heres to medicare standards. also, ask about the asc's emergency plan. it's important to know if there's resuscitation equipment on site and how you would be transported to a hospital if that game necessary. and they advise asking about the surgeon's experience. the doctor should have performed your type of surgery 50 times in the last year. >> good info. the spanish tradition of
6:47 pm
siesta is a cool, quiet place to take a nap. the owner found the business common in japan, so he opened this one in madrid for people who have to travel far from home to work. >> people who feel very tired, so this is a special way to get some energy back. >> power napping, we have an increase in energy level, motivation levels, and attention to focus. >> afternoon snoozers may choose an armchair or private room between 10 to 17 american dollars per hour. the bay area is a beautiful place to live, but it's also hot right now. >> spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> it's going to be hot again tomorrow. here's live doppler 7 hd. mainy sunny skies, fog at the
6:48 pm
coast. overnight, lows will be in the upper 60s to 70s in some inland locations. so without that overnight cooling, expect another hot day tomorrow, and that's what is in store. numerous inland locations with highs above 100 degrees. lots of places in the mid to upper 90s. around the bay, upper 80s and near 70 on the coast. here's the seven-day forecast. the heat eases just a little bit on thursday, just enough to get highs below triple digits. so many locations in the upper 90s. over the weekend, highs in a more seasonal range. upper 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. and that will take us into further cooling next week. finally the comfort arrives. >> thanks, spencer. >> we got a little warriors news. >> we always have steph curry news. can he knock down a flop shot against pro golfers under
6:49 pm
pressure? steph getting
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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6:52 pm
tonight in oakland. and if a season where pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the giants, they good good news regarding johnny cueto. he was pulled early from a rehab start from forearm soreness. he might pitch again this year. 31 years old, mild flexor strain in his throwing arm. cueto has an opt-out clause in his deal. it's been assumed he was going to opt out. would he test the open market this year? certainly not in f if he needs surgery. there's $79 million left on his contract. sonny gray going to pitch for the yankees on thursday. spent five seasons with the a's. his name came up constantly in trade talks. >> he told me that it finally
6:53 pm
went through, and i was going to be a yankee, i just had a big smile on my face and was ready to get here. every kid wants to play for the yankees. and it's not something that i'm going to take for grant it. and i'm very excited to be here and get to work. >> steph curry may go down as the best shooter ever in nba history. but what will he shoot on the tour this week in hayward against professional golfers? curry completed his first practice round in anticipation of the ellie mae classic. he's playing on a sponsor's exemption and doing so to raise money for the community fund. he finished fourth in a celebrity tournament, now he's playing pros just hoping to make the cut. >> i'm staying realistic. the first goal is just to get off the first tee. ifky do that, i'll be off and running. but these dedicated their
6:54 pm
life to the game. they're grinding every week to make it to the pga tour. so i understand how hard it is out here. myself as a casual professional golfer in my head, not in real life. i just want to have fun, make some birdies. the cut would be if i can just give myself a chance by going into friday with a realistic opportunity to make it, that would be amazing. >> ian clark won a ring with the warriors, but now he's off to new orleans, $1.6 million for one year. he averaged only five points a game, but showed at times -- he scored 36 in one games against the spurs. should get a lot of open looks with anthony davis. the ravens football coaches seem to think colin kaepernick can help them, but ownership is worry about a fan backlash, so
6:55 pm
it's unclear what they'll do as a franchise. joe flacco has a back injury that they think is minor. backks be tricky. john harbaugh says there's no new developments regarding the ravens and cap. and he said, essentially, it's complicated. >> people want to draw a big line and say it's about this or not about that. it's about everything, with relationships, your spouse, a lot goes into it. it's never one thing. so we'll just have to see where it goes and try to do the best thing for our football team, organization. and everything. >> fastest man on the plan et will soon just go jogging. he's going to compete next week and then retire. he's never lost a race in 100 meters in nine years. >> that will be the biggest
6:56 pm
headline, unbeatable, unstoppable. this -- we'll see whe see whe se takes me. >> he says either the nfl or action movie star. >> all right. thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00, into the mouth of a shark. what researchers were trying to do just before this happened. that's at 9:00. >> and sudden accident claims the life of a dog at an east bay kennel. at 11:00, the woman now demanding answers after this pet tragedy. >> we'll see you later for that. that's this edition of "abc7 news." we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. for all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight.
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♪ from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. please welcome today's contestants -- a senior from sayreville, new jersey... a sophomore from la jolla, california... and a junior from elm grove, wisconsin... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. and thank you again, ladies and gentlemen. it's good to be back with you. in addition to bragging rights, there's a certain amount of cash involved in this teen tournament. $5,000 to the players who are eliminated from further competition this week in the quarter-finals.
7:00 pm
in the semi-finals, if you lose, you get $10,000. and then, of course, $25,000 for third place on -- at the end of the tournament next week, $50,000 minimum guarantee for second place, and $100,000 to the winner. emily, sabrina, and jack, good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round. let's take a look at your categories. starting off with... followed by... a lot of stuff happened. you have to name the state. and... you don't have to name the state. [ laughter ] jack, start us. i'll take geographic centers for $200, please, alex. [ beep ] macon is in georgia. back to you, jack. $400, centers, please.


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